LÖMI joins ColdMetalFusion Alliance to unite sinter industry & AM around robust manufacturing standards

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LÖMI joins ColdMetalFusion Alliance to unite sinter industry & AM around robust manufacturing standards

With 30 years of experience in the metal and ceramic injection moulding industry, LÖMI GmbH is adding its vast know-how in the area of process engineering for debinding and solvent recycling systems to ColdMetalFusion. LÖMI aims to work together with other ColdMetalFusion partners on robustness of Metal AM through joint standards. Other partners will make their announcements later this year.

Großostheim, Germany - LÖMI GmbH today announces its move to join the ColdMetalFusion Alliance together with other major industry players. Since 1991, the engineer-operated system manufacturer LÖMI GmbH has been known for high-quality and innovative process engineering plants. LÖMI systems are operated world-wide. With the development of the world’s first industrial Solvent Debinding System for the Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) manufacturing process, LÖMI looks back to over 20 years of experience in solvent debinding underlining their perfect fit into the ColdMetalFusion standards.

“Debinding of metal parts is part of our DNA, and we have a long history of collaborating with the industry from large scale chemical site-projects down to producing our renowned all-in-one debinding-stations. As we join forces with the other ColdMetalFusion partners we want to elevate Metal Additive Manufacturing to a more robust and reliable alternative to injection molding. Together with the ColdMetalFusion partners LÖMI will provide complete, industrialized system-solutions and deliver its know-how in sintering to the world’s factory floors. We understand ourselves as the industry’s partners,” says José Manuel Dias da Fonseca, CEO of LÖMI.

ColdMetalFusion Alliance is an alliance of industry leaders with decades of experience in the fields of sintering, 3D printing and classical industrial manufacturing. Together, the Alliance members provide services, equipment, material, software and know-how to customers in the metal manufacturing industry.

ColdMetalFusion’s vision is to industrialize additive manufacturing through common standards in between sintering and additive manufacturing. But ColdMetalFusion members not only share standards, but also a common culture and way of thinking.  As “industrialists” with a long history, the members have an exigence of robustness and 24/7 operation of a factory. The joining of LÖMI is a tipping point to accelerate that vision for ColdMetalFusion. Together with other members, LÖMI will try to instil this thinking into joint system solutions from entry-level for application developers & innovators to fully automated factory lines.

LÖMI solvent debinding systems are available from 15 liters to 1.200 liters of batch loading volume, from tabletop units to fully automatic systems, and can be extended on a modular basis. This enables customers to increase the productivity while improving their efficiency by getting LÖMI -quality at an exceptional price/performance ratio.

ColdMetalFusion Alliance members are proud to partner with LÖMI to bring the power of AM-powered mass production to the largest industries on earth, such as oil & gas, fashion, medical, chemical process engineering, automotive, and other industrial sectors. The combination of LÖMI’s unmatched expertise in solvent debinding and the ColdMetalFusion Alliance member’s 3D printing, sintering and industrial manufacturing experience promises to enable production series into the millions of high-quality, low-cost parts per year.

On the Formnext exhibition in November in Frankfurt, Germany, ColdMetalFusion members will be available for demonstrating the Alliance’s mission of industrialization. LÖMI will inform customers about solvent debinding in hall 12.1, booth G100, while customers can experience ColdMetalFusion in hall 11.1, booth D48.


About LÖMI

The engineer-operated manufacturer LÖMI was established in 1991. Since then, it has been renowned for its high-quality and innovative process engineering systems, mainly for handling solvents, and set many standards in the industry over time. LÖMI systems are operated world-wide and used in numerous industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, chemical, optical, electronics, printing, medical and pharmaceutical industries. LÖMI covers Solvent Recycling Systems, Debinding Systems for PIM (MIM/CIM) and AM as wells as Plastics Recycling Systems of which all of them are developed and manufactured at LÖMI headquarters in Germany.

For more information visit www.loemi.com

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