Bernstein Mechanische Fertigung joins ColdMetalFusion Alliance to unite sinter industry & AM around robust manufacturing standards

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Bernstein Mechanische Fertigung joins ColdMetalFusion Alliance to unite sinter industry & AM around robust manufacturing standards

Bernstein Mechanische Fertigung, (BMF) - the specialized player in blast finishing for classical CNC and additive manufacturing for markets such as luxury, high-end vehicles, medical and others - joins the ColdMetalFusion Alliance to add its special technology to enable reliable and scalable finishing. Further partners will join the Alliance later this year.

Grüna, Germany – BMF GmbH, today announces its move to join the ColdMetalFusion Alliance together with other major industry players. With this step, BMF and other Alliance members intend to create synergies and break down barriers for customers. The company will enable customers to benefit from its expertise build over many decades in the area of post-processing.

Founded in 2007, BMF today offers a new and worldwide unique, compressed air-free technology for the blasting treatment of surfaces. The post-processing systems which are perfectly suitable for additive manufactured parts were born and developed based on a problem which was constantly faced during the sandblasting process. The results which can be achieved with this post-processing system in an automated process are highly reproducible. This process can also be incorporated into an automated production.

“We look forward to work together with the other Alliance members. Post-processing is becoming increasingly important in additive manufacturing, including from a financial perspective,” stated Ronny Bernstein, CEO and founder of BMF. “With components produced using AM, post-processing now accounts for between 30 and 40 percent of the total manufacturing costs. The printing process has gotten less and less expensive in recent years, but surface treatment has stayed about the same because 90 percent of the work involved is done manually and the lack of end-to-end thought through process-chains. This is where we share the same vision as the other ColdMetalFusion members and we believe we can provide a valuable contribution.”

ColdMetalFusion is an alliance of industry leaders with decades of experience in the fields of sintering, 3D printing and classical industrial manufacturing. Together, the alliance members provide services, equipment, material, software and know-how to customers in the metal manufacturing industry.

As “industrialists” with a long history, the members have an exigence of robustness and 24/7 operation of a factory. The ColdMetalFusion Alliance anticipates future success by bringing together different players in the supply chain of this market, seamlessly connecting customers and prospects to trusted suppliers, the Alliance members.

On the Formnext exhibition in November in Frankfurt, Germany, ColdMetalFusion Members will demonstrate the Alliance’s mission of industrialization. BMF will inform customers about their blasting systems hall 11.0, booth B28, while customers can experience ColdMetalFusion in hall 11.1, booth D48.

About Bernstein Mechanische Fertigung

BMF GmbH was founded in 2007 as a family company and deals with the production of high-quality prototypes, individual parts and small series for a wide variety of industries. With the multiple award-winning blasting systems from BMF, numerous equipment that is dependent on compressed air is now being replaced, because the 150-year-old compressed air technology is still used in many areas for cleaning, structuring and strengthening surfaces. For the first time we bring repeatable quality and an automated process into work results that can appear very differently in case of conventional blasting. Constantly rising expenses for energy-intensive, compressed air-operated hand blasting systems and rising personnel costs are also increasingly influencing the costs of blasting. The equipment from BMF GmbH ensures energy-efficient, operator-independent and environmentally friendly blasting with constant quality. Energy and personnel cost savings of up to 90% are achieved.

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