Element22 joins ColdMetalFusion Alliance to unite sinter industry & AM around robust manufacturing standards

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Element22 joins ColdMetalFusion Alliance to unite sinter industry & AM around robust manufacturing standards

Element22, the expert in high volume Titanium part manufacturing, joins the ColdMetalFusion Alliance to add its unique know-how in managing robust Titanium processing technologies. For many years, Element22 has been leading the Titanium Powder Metallurgy field with its deep integration from material science through engineering to application development. With this wealth of know how, the company intends to enable customers to fast-track their journey in ColdMetalFusion from early stage to scaled up production in record time. Further partners will join the ColdMetalFusion alliance later this year.

Kiel, Germany – Element22, today announces its move to join the ColdMetalFusion Alliance together with other major industry players. With this step, the company builds on its earlier experiences from pioneering ColdMetalFusion.

The company will provide customers with an immediate start into ColdMetalFusion and supports them all along their way with parts, services and consulting. With a deep background in Titanium Powder Metallurgy processing technologies and a heritage in the medical industry, Element22 is a renowned expert in Titanium processing covering Sintering, Injection Molding, Tape Casting, Additive Manufacturing and other processes.

In its business of manufacturing of Titanium components Element22 also provides vast range of services for every stage of development and production. This knowledge about the additive process technologies for Titanium parts can help customers at any point of their projects. From Simulation to Quality Control and Qualification processes, Debinding & Sintering and Surface Treatment.

“Our processes, tailor-made machine park and of course staff members guarantee world leading Titanium properties. As one of the pioneers in using ColdMetalFusion for Titanium we have one of the most scalable and reliable Titanium Powder Metallurgy production lines on the market today. These will enable customers to further uplift Titanium to a mass production material.” stated Matthias Scharvogel, CEO of Element22.

ColdMetalFusion is an alliance of industry leaders with decades of experience in the fields of sintering, 3D printing and classical industrial manufacturing. Together, the Alliance members provide services, equipment, material, software and know-how to customers in the metal manufacturing industry.

As “industrialists” with a long history, the members have an exigence of robustness and 24/7 operation of a factory. The ColdMetalFusion Alliance anticipates future success by bringing together different players in the supply chain of this market, seamlessly connecting customers and prospects to trusted suppliers, the Alliance members.

On the Formnext exhibition in November in Frankfurt, Germany, ColdMetalFusion Members will demonstrate the Alliance’s mission of industrialization. Element22 will inform customers about Titanium applications and their capabilities in developing tailor-made manufacturing solutions in 12.0, booth B102, while customers can experience ColdMetalFusion in hall 11.1, booth D48.


About Element22

Element22 GmbH, based in Kiel, Germany, was founded in 2011 and develops and manufactures Titanium components using various powder metallurgy technologies such as Metal Injection Molding (MIM), 3D Printing (3DP), Continuous Tape Casting (CTC) and more. In addition, Element22 offers its customers services for all phases of development and production. Element22 has a production capacity of over 60 tons of titanium components per year, serving the medical, aerospace, sports, high-end consumer goods and other industries.

For more information visit www.element22.de

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